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Trip Did you know that we opened a foundation to provide creative grants to teachers in Winthrop Harbor?

Starting now, you can help fund the creative grants by purchasing a vacation raffle ticket. Only 300 tickets will be sold. Every month in 2014, a vacation voucher, restaurant gift card, and $125 cash prize will be awarded. Since so many prizes will be handed out, the odds of winning during 2014 are 1 in 8.3, and the vacations include trips to Riviera Maya, San Francisco, New York, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and even a Caribbean cruise!

Each vacation raffle ticket costs $100. Two thirds of the proceeds go toward funding the prizes and one third goes toward building the foundation fund. The foundation fund principal continues to build year after year via donations and the annual vacation raffle, and the accrued interest is used to provide creative grants to teachers. Since the fund’s principal is never touched, it will permanently provide grants to our teachers, more and more as the principal grows!

If you’d like to purchase a vacation raffle ticket, please contact the Winthrop Harbor district office at (847) 731-3085, or e-mail Patrick O’Keefe at

Raffle Pamphlet: